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You're Never Done Learning

  • Why is it so important to emphasize lifelong learning, personal learning, and learning along with the growth mindset and risk-taking?

This question really got me thinking. I feel that emphasizing lifelong learning expresses to the students that they are never done. Regardless of graduation, they should never stop learning or wanting to learn. Instilling this mindset shows the students that there is always something to go after and something more out there for them. I feel that the moment we establish and end-point (graduation or a job) the students feel that if they can just make it to that destination then they won't have to do anything else. I don't think that's a good mindset. Whether it's graduation or a job, they need to keep going. Get better at the job you are at because doing that will make you grow as a person and realize you can take the risk to apply for a better job and the positive cycle will likely continue. Now if someone sees their job as an end point, then there probably will not be an enticement for them to want to do and be better. They feel they have completed their task and will be content with that. A growth mindset and risk-taking will truly change your life.

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