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Throughout the Applied Digital Learning (ADL) graduate program, I have collaborated with multiple people, which has allowed me to gain great insight from their perspectives and grow as both a learner and leader. In the following podcast/vodcast series, you will hear or from myself, Allison DeVoll, Colby Clifford and Pedro Beltran, a peer collaboration group that we formed through the ADL program, discuss ePortfolios, Blended Learning, and our future projects. A featured guest, Dr. Dwayne Harapnuik, joins in our discussion and provides us with some of his thoughts on learning, leading, and digital learning environments. 

Below are my colleagues' ePortfolios, where you can find more research and resources on the different things they are each working on.

Allison DeVoll - 

Colby Clifford - 

Pedro Beltran -

Dr. Dwayne Harapnuik -

The following are resources I encourage you to look through to continue your research and thinking over the topics discussed in the vodcast.

Creating this series of podcasts has continued to foster the love and investment I have in my innovation plan. I have taken the knowledge and research from other people who share this same love of learning and continue to build a foundation for my own ideas to build upon. Applying a growth mindset reinforces the need to have an open and willing mind to watch a dream become a reality. Future endeavors include a co-publication with a fellow colleague, Pedro Beltran, where we continue with a few of these ideas and explain how a blended learning classroom can be successfully implemented in any classroom, regardless of grade level or subject. 

Podcast Part One - ePortfolios
00:00 / 40:55

In this podcast, we discuss ePortfolios and the different ways educators can use them for assessments or as assessments.

Podcast Part Two - Blended Learning & COVA
00:00 / 1:04:55

In this podcast, we discuss blended learning in various classrooms and the positive effects of having choice, voice, and ownership to create authentic learning.

Podcast Part Three - Wrap Up
00:00 / 48:20

In this podcast, we wrap up our thoughts on ePortfolios, blended learning, and COVA while we consider the new places this will take us. 


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Spencer, J. (2019, March 29). Empowering students with voice and choice. John Spencer.

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Part one
Part two
Part Three
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