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I'm a teacher and a mom.

What's your superpower?

 I'm a lover of everything food.

Sweet, salty, spicy and everything in between.

I am a lifelong learner.

You're never too old to learn something new. 

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I'm a single momma to a witty, stubborn, little, I mean big, boy. He is seven going on seventeen. A lover of chicken nuggets and snuggles. And he is my favorite human being on this planet!



I began teaching in January of 2020. I would imagine everyone's first year of teaching is tough, but I do feel as if I have a memorable one with a pandemic and polar vortex under my belt. 

I landed my dream job of being a Kindergarten teacher at Goliad Elementary! Being a teacher of littles will humble you daily. They remind me to find happiness in the smallest things.



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I completed UHV's teaching program in 2019. Although teaching has always been my dream job, I also have a certificate and associate's degree in Accounting. 

I am currently enrolled in Lamar's graduate Digital Learning and Leading program. Because I believe in life-long learning, I decided to take on this incredible adventure in the midst of my already chaotic life. 

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