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Reflecting on the last eight weeks, I’ve felt that the amount of learning I have done is the most I have acquired in the entire program itself. I began to wonder why I felt this way and the conclusion I have come to is because this is the first time that I have truly contributed so much with such a close group of individuals that we became invested in each other and one another’s growth. It was so much more than a grade this time around. I initially attributed this to it being summer and “having more time.” I quickly found out that I did not have more time. Rather, I was enjoying the course work much more and the weekly collaboration between Allison, Colby, Pedro and I.


Recognizing what I believe is needed for professional development to become professional learning, I sought out like minded individuals, later known as Harapnuik’s Quartet, to create a call to action to help other educators receive the professional development they deserve. My team and I quickly realized the lack of support that we, personally, were not receiving along with so many other educators across the country. We wanted to make sure we were surrounding our professional learning with a never ending amount of support throughout the entire process. We created an outline of what our sessions would look like and how we anticipate the year, or timeline, to go. We believe that great things take time and should not be rushed, so we’ve agreed to be flexible with our learners and allow more time if needed. Although our Professional Learning has thoughtfully been planned out, we still have details to continue putting in place. In the additional resources tab, you will see previews of what our sessions will entail and a variety of links that will be beneficial to have handy as our Professional Learning begins to unfold.  


Taking both courses at the same time allowed me to connect adult learners to my child learners. Regardless of age, we should all want to do the doing and the learning. The connection that my Professional Learning will provide through a SLE is the replication I am doing in my own classroom with my own learners through my innovation plan.


Working with such a phenomenal group of individuals has made me a better person and learner. They see my strengths and let me thrive in them, while recognizing my weaknesses and allowing me to work through them. Every meet with my team was an opportunity for me to broaden my horizon...I am guaranteed to walk away with a new idea. I have no doubt that our relationship will flourish throughout the remaining courses.

Contribution to Learning
Call to Action
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I am working with a small group of educators who believe the culture of professional development can be improved through creating significant learning environments for our teachers just as we do for our students combined with a growth mindset.


Professional Learning recognizes that teachers are learning and growing just like their students. While the term “development” indicates a process that has an end point, “learning”recognizes that professional growth is a never-ending, lifelong process.

How might we create a culture of inquiry for educators? We can start with a simple shift in rhetoric. As teachers, are we not in fact professional learners? Professional growth is a never-ending, lifelong process in which educators or others are constantly improving through a constructivist perspective that involves application and reflection.

According to John Hattie’s extensive research, "The biggest effect in our business is the expertise of teachers. It’s teachers who work together, collectively, collaboratively, to understand their impact.” We believe we can improve the effectiveness of teachers and create a culture of inquiry with improved professional learning.

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why how what


for improved

professional learning


Meet the team behind the dream and the scenes that got us here

Now that we’re in our fourth ADL class together, we have learned each other's strengths! Capitalizing on this, and Pedro’s penchant for pulling people together, we have been able to complete this project collaboratively. We started with the four of us question-storming on Zoom, and looking at past work in the ADL program map. We divided, and are currently working on conquering Professional Learning! 


Colby finally signed up for Canva. Allsion problem-solved in record time, live, on Zoom. Pedro joked and ate pizza in front of us, while simultaneously offering “feed-forward”. Brianna’s wisdom and calm tied us all together. Collective work, collective impact.

Allison- Graphic Design

Allison enjoys creating and experimenting with graphic design elements, turning blocks of information into visual works of art, and finding new ways to introduce content to viewers. She also really loves to use the color pink! 


Brianna- Executive Producer 

Brianna enjoys searching for and exploring new digital platforms that allow her to express her creative visions to share with her audience. She also enjoys having 27 or more tabs open on her browser.



Colby- Writer / Copy Editor

Colby enjoys researching and reading, making connections, and converting information into understandable content tailored to specific audiences! She also really enjoys spell check.



Pedro- Video Editor

Pedro enjoys facilitating groups of unique individuals who provide a diverse community that puts engagement, creativity, support and fun in the forefront. He also enjoys ordering pizza for his team.

be a part of our future endeavors

Participate in our surveys and your experiences may be featured in our upcoming published projects.



If you've been following my learning journey, you'll remember that my innovation plan is actually in


regards to Blended Learning. What I have found since working with such an intriguing group of


individuals is that I cannot limit myself to one innovation. This is why I felt this would be an opportunity I


could not pass up, especially when it comes to my own professional learning. I would like to remind each


of you that I am a lifelong learner. This means I am always looking for different learning opportunities. I


cannot wait to see the progress I make with these brilliant and resourceful team members. I have come


to recognize that if I am providing my learners a Blended Learning structure I can create significant learning


environments within that structure while allowing them to flourish in multiple forms of active learning


such as ePortfolios, STEM and play-based learning. 


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Together, my team and I created a schedule of how we plan to implement our new professional learning implementation. We have thoughtfully organized a timeline that would allow our learners to have adequate time to have our innovation be modeled by the project facilitator, myself, and other coaches. We plan to create a solid foundation of growth mindset, CSLE and COVA. Our learners will be guided along this phenomenal journey to later be the facilitator in their own classroom to their own learners. Since our learners are creating their own ePortfolio, we have incorporated plenty of time for support and coaching throughout these critical phases. Our learners will learn how to effectively reflect, connect and learn through collaboration, modeling and application. Join our team and be a part of our growing success. 

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PL Timeline
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Continue checking back for updates that our team will be sharing. Our BHAG is currently in the works and we'd love to hear what you think is valuable to this team and professional learning. Joining in this new development will continue to build on why my innovation plan will be successful and allow my team and I to change the world one learner at a time.


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Image by Sincerely Media

Additional Resources



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