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Not My Final Contribution to My Learning

I am scoring myself a 98.

My core collaboration team:

Allison Palmer:

Colby Clifford:

Pedro Beltran:

Listen to my team and I reflect on what worked for us during these two courses. We discuss what we learned and how we plan to continue to share this journey with the world. I have said this multiple times in multiple different ways, without my team I would not have been as successful as I was or am in this journey and in my life. We brought out the best in each other and allowed each other to work through our struggles to become better learners and leaders. Aside from our weekly meetings, we meet with each other after to go over the material that we had let digest and pondered upon. As a team, we wanted to become better and have the life-changing conversations that we knew each other understood. Pedro always made it clear that he wanted my projects to be better. With his feedforward, I knew he had my best interest at heart. He was able to tell me, “You didn’t work as hard on this creation…go back and try it again.” Allison showed me how to be brave. I saw how she wasn’t afraid to stir the pot at her school regardless of what her other colleagues may have thought or said. I want to use that same bravery when I begin pushing my fellow educators in my grade level. Colby pushed me to work harder every day, even if she didn’t realize it. She has children with multiple extracurricular activities, and still found a way to be great at her own education. I always tried to work just as hard as she did because it was evident that it could absolutely be done. At this point in the program, I knew how vital it was to complete the course readings, videos, and supporting resources. You have to be willing to dive deeper into the material to see the full benefit of it all. What is discussed in our weekly class meetings is only the surface of what I really need to know. I have had to sharpen my organization skills while in this program and specifically in these last two courses. The end of the semester is always a busy time at work with middle-of-the-year assessments and the huge transition kindergarteners face over the break, so making sure I stayed on top of due days was extremely important. Leadership roles within my group seemed to be established early on. We each knew what we were good at and ran with it and when we ran into a roadblock (because there were many) we never hesitated to ask each other for a different outlook. I also participated in my discussions in my courses. I have completed so many that they all begin to run together, but I know how important collaboration is as a whole so I made sure to interact within the course as well. Ending this journey hasn’t seemed real yet. I believe that is because I know this isn’t an ending. The wealth of knowledge that I have gained from not only these courses, but the people and professors involved is truly indescribable. There would never be enough words to explain the mind blowing information that I have received and plan to share. I cannot wait to make my own changes in the world.

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