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When and how often will Growth Mindset be promoted?

The simple response to when Growth Mindset should be promoted is always. As to how often, that limit does not exist. Growth Mindset should not be something that gets turned on and off. Although we all toggle to and from a growth to fixed mindset, we should always try to recognize where our progress has been made and how we can continue to foster that growth. In every situation we can have a Growth Mindset. We just have to be open to that possibility and maintain a love of learning through failures.

How will Growth Mindset influence my work in the ADL program?

In the previous eight weeks, I struggled with the two courses I was enrolled in. The amount of course work wasn't the issue, but rather the type of course work that was being asked of me. Since the ADL program uses the COVA approach to learning, my fixed mindset told me to clam up and shut down. My fixed mindset won in those moments, but now that I am equipped with Growth Mindset these current courses have allowed me to truly learn. I am opening up to all the possibilities that this program has. I am able to change my thoughts of  "This is too hard" to "Even though this is hard, if I continue to work at it, I will be successful and learn so much through the process." 


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Growth Mindset
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Never did I think I would have grown this much as a person from a graduate program. I find it mind blowing that making that statement makes me cringe, now. I think, “What do you mean you didn't think you would grow as a person? What do you mean you’re surprised you’re actually learning something? What do you mean you’ve never experienced something like this?” I’m applying and learning skills that I believe we should all have and experience. I’m excited to be able to begin sharing these new skills with my own students. 


My growth mindset plan is not only a newly acquired plan, but a lifestyle. I am applying this to every aspect of my life. I remember the beginning of this school year was say the least. I now look back and realize if I would’ve changed my perspective and my fixed mindset, I would have started out the year completely different. I’m now using my growth mindset to determine how I view my future success in this program. I’m able to comfortably say, “Yes, this is going to be hard, but I can do it. I may not know what lies ahead, but I will learn something from both my successes and failures.” In the coming school year, I plan to push a growth mindset hard in my classroom. My kiddos may not realize how powerful words are, but with the power of yet they will see that anything is possible. 


Of all the strategies I have obtained thus far, I think failing forward has been the toughest, with feed forward in close second. Like a lot of us, I grew up thinking failing was a terrible thing. I believed it was a sign of weakness. I dreaded and feared failure. Now, I have failed many times, but I wasn’t able to see past the failure...until now. I can see now that failing forward means I have learned somewhere. My “failures” now have a purpose and they truly make me a better person. I’m still working on the immediate shutdown that I feel when I know I’m going to receive feed forward, but with my growth mindset I have no doubt that I can defeat this.


The COVA learning approach not online impacts my learning, but my teaching. I have quickly realized where I am not meeting my students needs and implementing COVA into my classroom will help them become all around better people. My learning manifesto shows that I believe in creating environments for my students to take ownership of their own learning. Doing this gives them something to care about and strive for. COVA with my own learning hasn’t been as comfortable. This approach is a retraining of the brain that is a daily task. I say that often because I keep thinking that it might one day “click” and it won’t feel as uncomfortable anymore. I absolutely believe that will be the case because being involved in this type of environment is not something that can be faked nor halfway done. This authentic learning environment requires me to take ownership of my own learning and finding my own voice in the process.


Collaboration and teamwork are a part of a teacher's everyday world. We grow together through different communities and networks that share in our same beliefs and passions. My professional learning networks continue to help me grow and become a better teacher, leader and learner. Although I have been a part of most of these communities for some time, this program has allowed me to become a part of a group that has helped me grow in so many ways.  

Learning Manifesto
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As you read through my learning manifesto please feel free to use the audio button to hear the passion in my beliefs.

Free Play

As a kindergarten teacher and parent, I believe it is important that students learn to love learning, the process of learning, and authentic learning experiences. I feel that at times we want so badly for our children to do their best that we unintentionally mold them to believe that if they make mistakes, they are wrong and should stop trying. This is far from the experiences and mentality that we want to instill in our youth. I want to foster their creativity and love for learning that we are all naturally born with. Using free play and dramatic play within my classroom will allow my students to thrive and continue to crave this type of environment.

Kids in Preschool
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Emerging Issues

Technology, although seen as a magical potion (insert magician or magical potion), is only a bandaid to the problem at hand. Society has replaced hands on learning with hands on technology and I believe we are beginning to see the side effects of this. More and more students are coming in not knowing what I would refer to as the “basics.” Instead, they can mechanic and maneuver any technology piece that lies in front of them. Now, I’m not against this and I believe that technology is an important part of our world, especially in the coming years, but there is an entire world outside of this technology realm and it shouldn’t be forgotten or replaced. I believe that if properly combined, technology and play based learning will make our students wholesome learners and well rounded individuals. 

The Right and Wrong

You and I are not the same, nor should we want to be. We are not made from the same mold and that is perfectly alright. The individuality that each and every one of us have should be praised and cultivated especially in an education setting. I think our education system is preparing our students for a test score...not life and that’s a problem. We each learn in a different way and there’s nothing wrong with that. America is the melting pot of the world! Each individual who is unique in countless ways creating a world that everyone seeks to be a part of. So, why does it feel like our education system is hindering that?

We are in a point in time where we need to move past the grades and allow our students to create their own learning and we as the teacher only be a guide on their never ending learning journey. 

Image by Alice Dietrich
Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Tim Mossholder

Solutions and Enhancements

I may be just one teacher, in one school, in one classroom, but I share my knowledge and love with 21 students daily. So, although I may think I am not touching enough hearts, or any at all, I believe that reminding myself daily that I am and can make a difference in each of these students' lives will keep me pushing forward to ground breaking change. The love I have for providing my students with real world experiences may not show results through test scores, but it will absolutely show it in other ways. Those students will have knowledge and skills far more valuable than any exam could provide them.

Core Beliefs and Impact

My core belief system in this digital learning world is that technology is not a fix all solution. I believe using technology to enhance other parts of my teaching and students learning is what will make all the difference. There isn’t an app or download that is going to provide them with the same opportunities they will receive within my classroom, but those apps and downloads will provide them with added benefits that I myself cannot physically provide them. I do not think we should run away from the technology rich world we are headed towards, but I do think it shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for teaching.

The impact I hope to make within my organization is to bring back the fun in learning. Learning should be fun. It should not be a decision of one or the other or having to lose one to have the other. Learning and fun should be intertwined and not easily separated. I fear that my organization has lost sight of this through all of the changes the world has had lately. I want to reignite the love of learning one heart and one learner at a time. 

Image by Kiley Lawson
Image by Annie Spratt

Click here to download a document view of my learning manifesto.


TEDx Talks. (2015, March 11). Building a Manifesto for Evolving Learning | John Moravec | TEDxUFM [Video]. YouTube.


PLN Logo.png

Although I am new to teaching, collaboration has been an essential part of my educational career and my life. I feel as humans we crave feeling connected to people who share similar beliefs and passions. I have joined multiple networks and communities who share the chaos I live in being a kindergarten teacher. I also have personal communities who crave the kitchen just as much as I do where we share recipes and tips with each other. 

Facebook has countless groups that share so much information and an abundance of resources. When the pandemic hit, this was my first line of defense. Teachers from all over the country came together and shared anything from videos to PowerPoints to motivation to get us through a road not yet travel.

Image by Alex Haney
Image by Fahim R.

Pinterest is another network that I use religiously. I usually run here for quick ideas that I can use for my students as stations or centers. I also use this as a resources for new home ideas. The quick picture view allow me to decide whether I will invest in reading the information or move on to another post. The amount of information on here is endless.

I have replaced YouTube with Google. I appreciate the visual assistance that it provides me. I use this often as a preface to the lesson I am going to teach that day. Because there are so many videos to choice from, I do not have to recreate the wheel. I frequently come here for any "how to" whether that be "how to have a growth mindset" or "how to install a garage door opener."

Image by Christian Wiediger
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A recent learning network that I have joined is a study group that was created for the Applied Digital Learning masters program. I have surrounded myself with other students who share some of the same struggles that I do. Together, we brainstorm, collaborate and motivate each other to give and do our best. I try to imagine my life without these group of individuals and I can without a doubt say that I would not be as successful as I am in this program and with my creations. We encourage everyone to do their best while creating significant learning environments. 

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