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Usability Testing & Reflection

Below is a peer usability testing that Pedro completed for me. Because he has had extensive use with Canvas, he did not complete this usability testing with a view as a student, rather he looked at it from a perspective from a future stakeholder and how administration might be looking at my course. I appreciated his different outlook and he truly allowed me to see my course for what exactly it is, but saw the potential that it could be and gave me the feedforward I needed to get my course there.

Below is the Slide Deck that I used for my Reflection piece to keep me on track and organized.

Through the questions that were provided for reflection, I was able to become a better learner and leader. I know I am invested in my course, but having a different and fresh perspective take a look at what I have built truly allowed me to see some of the things that I have been missing. I will able to take these pieces and make my course even better.

How your stakeholders/peers are able to navigate the Introduction/Overview/Start Here section of your course and how they are able to navigate to and engage in a short activity from the first module.

After watching my usability video, I believe Pedro was able to navigate through my introduction and overview rather easily, but I do think he had some trouble with my “Start Here” activity. I could have identified it in a different way so that it was easier for him to access.

How long will your usability test last?

The usability test was to be roughly at the 5-minute mark.

What are the criteria for the activity that you want your testers to do?

The criteria that was needed to complete the activity were access to Jamboard and an open mind.

How will your testers report back (ie. screen capture tools like Screencast-O-Matic, Camtasia, etc., or direct observation or response)?

My tester reported back using Zoom. He recorded his testing and was able to send me the video. Refer to my blog to see this video.

Whom are you planning to participate in the usability testing? What are your alternate plans?

Because I thought it should be someone who knows what I have been pouring my hard work into, I decided that a peer usability testing would be better for me for this project. I felt that I would receive feedforward that would allow me to truly make my course better before I presented it or offered it to someone in my district. I am new to instructional design and wanted to use this opportunity to gather as much information as possible.

Reflect on who you were able to have conduct the usability testing? Were you able to get the right people? Why or why not? What can you do to better improve this in the future?

Yes, I definitely feel like I got the right person to do my usability testing. Pedro has had extensive use with Canvas and give me pointers that I will be able to implement and make my course better.

What impact did your platform (LMS, Google Docs, or other digital sharing) have on the testing and results?

Because Pedro uses Canvas daily, he didn’t have to focus on the navigation of the platform itself and was able to truly focus on the content I was providing and focused on details that others who have not been as fluent with Canvas may not have been able to focus on.

What were the lessons you learned from the usability testing feedback?

I did not realize how impersonal my course seems from an outsider’s perspective. It was interesting to see that Pedro immediately noticed this meanwhile I definitely did not because I’m building it.

What have you done to your design to address the usability issues revealed in the testing? What have you added or taken away?

I am in the process of making a better (more personal) introduction video. A video like this, although short, takes time because I want my audience to be able to gain a lot of information in such a short amount of time. So it’s been a work in progress. I’ve also added a “Start Here” button. Pedro made me aware of this issue that I didn’t realize I even had.

How has this process improved your course and your learner's experience?

I enjoyed seeing what I was putting on my course through someone else’s eyes. It has allowed me to take a step back and remember that just because I think something looks “easier” for me that that isn’t always the case. I need to look at it from multiple different angles.

How has the testing impacted your alignment of outcomes activities and assessment?

The testing has not yet impacted my alignment of outcomes activities and assessments. I do believe once everyone begins finishing my course this will change.

How will you address the infrastructure, system, and support needs and issues the learner may face?

I linked a Tech Support button in my Canvas course and Pedro mentioned he appreciated this because he knew he was able to call whoever was needed for support that is beyond me and my capabilities.

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