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Tech Tools!

For a quick evaluation in educational technology tools, I would say that I look for longevity. Microsoft and Google are the first trends/tools that come to mind. Of course there are tons of other ones, but I will admit that I run to Google first and see if there is something I can use from them because they have “established credit” in my head and have proven to work when I need them to work. When time allows, I absolutely venture off and see what other tools I can find.

In my work setting we use various different programs for the professional side of it, Eduphoria for lesson planning, ESPED for RTI data, Ascender for attendance, and everything Google. In my classroom on the other hand, we do not use as many different tools as I’d like, but because we do not have touch screen computers or iPads for every student, we make do with what we have. We house all of our student apps on Clever. I never knew how beneficial this one app was until I started teaching kindergarten. The idea of asking a five year old to independently type in a web address makes my stomach queasy. Now, all I say is, “Click on the blue C (Clever), then click on EPIC!” Talk about a lifesaver!

Canva and iMovie are currently my two favorite tools for grad school and my personal life! They allow my creativity to be displayed in different ways. Now, I am excited to try out a podcasting platform.

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