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Teamwork makes the dream work

I love the way Heffernan presents her ideas. Lately, it has been rough accepting some of the decisions admin has made for us and I usually have no choice but to say, "Whelp, they're allowed to do that because their job is of higher importance." No, it's not!! There is no school without teachers. This is not to say they do not play a key role in the way everything runs, but when I look at it in the persepective that she presents I feel we, as a whole, would be better. I don't necessarily mean better data or better grades, but better as a wholesome school. All by just listening and contributing. I think the "leader" making sure everyone is held accountable for the "rules" that they set for each other is a progressive way of thinking.

When applied to this program, I see Dr. H as our leader and he is holding us accountable for the "rules" that we set up for ourselves and one another. He hasn't explicitly said, "You must give at least three ideas weekly or else you fail." The "rules" are up to us and within ourselves. The benefit of a super chicken is few to none. So instead of setting ourselves up for the least productive way to be successful...let's allow the conversation to flow so we can grow together.

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