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Before graduating with my bachelors, we were required to take an Instructional Technology course and I am now beating myself up about not taking it more seriously than I did. It was over some pretty basic things: Microsoft Office, Seesaw, nothing that I told myself I couldn't figure out after playing with it a few times. The last project of the course was to create our own ePortfolio. The difference between then and now was that the template was already given to use. The only think we had to go do was pull in our information and push the submit button. There was no choice or voice in doing it this way and I can see how much of a difference that makes!

My hard work, effort, dedication and everything in between is going into this master's program, and I want my eportfolio to reflect those very things. I do not want a repeat of my first one. I couldn't even tell you the web address because that is how little thought went into that. I do remember it was through Google Sites, and even then it was a pain in the rear end. It was not user friendly and there was nothing on there to make it MINE. I know what I don't want and I know what not to do, so now I am ready to create my forever one.

As much as I love teaching, I'd like to think I'm more that just a teacher and I would like my ePortfolio to reflect that. Is anyone considering this? For the program, of course, my primary task is the project, but I love to cook and craft, among other things, and I'd really like to share that with the world. The self critic inside me said, "That's not what this portfolio is for!" I replied back, "Who said?" I'm a single mom, a teacher, a coffee addict, a foodie, and so much more. I'd like to think there a few others who can relate to that.

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