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Teacher Tired

Is teacher tired really a thing? I am exhausted every single day. I can't figure out if it's this time of the school year that is exhausting or if this a new forever thing. My weekdays starts around 4:30 am every morning and end about 11 pm. I keep thinking this is a normal schedule for any given person, but how do y'all function? I have so much on my to-do list and I can't seem to get everything done. I recently read a Facebook post (I think) it could've been something I dreamt about I really do not remember, but it said to write six important tasks you want to complete that day in order of significance. It went on to explain that any free moment you had, you were to work on the tasks in order. You are not allowed to move on to the next thing on the list until the first one is complete. Well I started doing this Monday morning and guess what? It's currently 11:58 pm Saturday night and I still haven't completed the first thing on that list. It wasn't from lack of trying, or so I don't feel that it was. It just seemed that every time I went back to the list, that something came up. Now I know, it said get the first thing done and then move on, but these were the type of things that HAD to get done because your team leader is parked at your door and isn't moving until she gets what she came in for. Maybe it's me. Maybe I need to gain some better self-discipline skills and reel all of this in. I'm up for any tips that someone might have to better prioritize my life.🤦‍♀️

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