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Spread Your Dreams like Confetti

I felt called to the “Children spread their dreams beneath our feet and we should tread softly,” quote by Sir Ken Robinson. Although I had watched this video multiple times before, there was something about that phrase that spoke to me differently this time. I found that for most of this program I was always wondering how to make my classroom better for my students. Now, although I still think that’s important and will remain of high priority, I listened to this as I, myself, am the learner instead of my students. I think we all can recall a story where someone told us that our dream was too big, to dream smaller. I realize that I was becoming accustomed to that type of response so when I have a professor like Dr. H who says, “Dream bigger,” I don’t know how to respond. I still take this, process it, and then reflect on how I am going to implement this within my own classroom and with my own students. I’ve come to the conclusion that when they speak of their goals and dreams I want to remember what Sir Ken Robinson stated about treading softly, but I don’t want to imagine this as walking on eggshells with my learners but rather tell them, “Now, dream bigger.”

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