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Professional Learning for Blended Learning


Learners will navigate through a five week, five module course using Canvas to begin their construction of an ePortfolio. Having each one of my learners create their own ePortfolio will allow them to have a place to facilitate collaboration and demonstrate and reflection their learning, My audience at the moment, is what most people would refer to as "not tech savvy," with this in mind, I know it is important for them to gain the basic understanding of what an ePortfolio is, how it works, and what its purpose is. This beginning course will be a starting point to future professional learning courses. Learners will become familiar with the foundational purpose and navigation of the use and building of an ePortfolio on a platform of their choosing. Using an outcomes based framework, learners will construct their own ePortfolio to use as a resource for a better blended learning environment in their classroom. Throughout the course, learners will be able to collaborate and reflect with our team about their experiences and learning.

Overarching Course Goal:

Learners will create an ePortfolio to share their work, reflect on their growth and develop their voice in a blended learning environment.

Desired Results:

After completing the Canvas course, learners will be ready to enter the next "phase" or course of this blended learning environment they have immersed themselves in. Learners will have adequate skills to continue developing their ePortfolios with resources and reflections of blended learning to later use within their own classroom.


Kindergarten teachers

Although I will be keeping admin informed and updated with our progress, they are not my intended audience with this specific course.

Canvas Course

Modules in Canvas Course

3 Column Table

Copy of 3 Column Table - BL Course
Download ODT • 16KB

Timeline: (5 Week Course)

Blended Learning Literature Review
Blended Learning in Kindergarten
Download PDF • 113KB

Because of a master's program that instilled the importance of research and knowledge, I believe it is important that my team understands how significant taking this course is. It is more than professional development. This is the beginning to a whole new world that will undoubtedly change so many students. Together, we will create lifelong learners that crave real world learning experiences and explorations to better their futures and ours.

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