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My Little Minions

Before watching the two videos in the module, I was still a little lost as to how I was going to go about creating this change. Now, I had read the book and I had created my vital behaviors but there was something about the way the All Washed Up! video with the kids that hit me differently. I’d like to think that it may have been because that’s the realm I’m comfortable with. I could definitely see my kiddos having all of those behaviors with the cupcake situation. I even chuckled at the first change when the little boy said he was just going to “tell them.” I thought, “Yeah, okay, better tell them two and half dozen times in the next five minutes if you want any of that to sink in.” Then the light bulb went off, hello, that’s the point!

It’s important to have, or at least attempt, to have all six sources of influence because the video clearly showed that one, two, and three factors made little to no effect on changing the kiddos behavior. I also thought it was amazing how much peer pressure or influence made on the result. I think this was because I’m used to viewing peer pressure in a negative way that I wasn’t seeing how it could be useful for positive change.

I related this to the “silent treatment” that I give my students when I am trying to get their attention. I do call backs, but when I do not feel like screaming over them, I stand in front of the room and just stare. I roam my eyes around the room until I find that one person that makes eye contact with me. It’s usually one that is already quiet and I give a smile. Then, I roam my eyes again this time looking for the loudest one in the room. I then lock my eyes on them and I don’t let up until the fire in my eyes have burnt a hole in their shirt. Okay, not really, but I do intensely look at them until they look at me. Then, they do and my work is done. I usually give the “what are you doing?!” look and then word travels faster than those kids in the video running to the cupcakes after the flag is down and the whistle has blown. Suddenly, the class is quiet within seconds. Hence, the power of peer influence.

This is how I envision peer influence with my innovation plan. It will take a longer time than the example I provided above, but the same concept is still involved. There will be times when I will not have to “promote” blended learning. Rather, I will let my little influencers do that on their own.

Although I make a major point with peer influence, I need to remember that that is only ONE of the sources of influences to consider. It may be a huge one, but just as in the video, four sources made the most change. I want the most change to come from my initiative which means I need to be faithfully following AT LEAST four or more of those sources.

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