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Go and Grow

I remember my dad always telling us "can't" isn't a word. It would drive him crazy when we would say we couldn't do something. Just like that sticks with me, I believe that it will stick with my own students. Whether it's removing the word can't or adding the word yet, regardless, I will continue to instill to my learners that they can do anything.

I model the growth mindset to my students by reminding them often that I am a learner just as they are. Age does not mean that learning stops. I will describe to them the different things and ways that I have learned to show them that I practice what I preach.

With a growth mindset, my students will focus on the learning rather than the grades because aside from what their paper may say, they still learned something in comparison from where they started. I will drive that point home by reminding my learners of things they didn't know prior to this "lesson" to what they know now.

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