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Emotions > Information

The Power of Words video, reminded me of many videos that I have seen on TikTok. Now, I know that some of those videos are based solely on words and that's why we relate. But there are certain ones that come to mind where I am triggered by the music and graphics in the video even though not one "word" was spoken. I feel like this is my goal with the video that I am going to creating. It's a quick, gut wrenching, heart string pulling, needs to be relatable, tidbit of my entire project.

I think relatability is key here. We want to know we aren't alone. I always hear of people looking for "their tribe." Whether that's fitness, teaching, stay at home moms, or millennials we always looking for someone to share in our experiences. This can relate this to our video because we want our audience to say, "Yes, that's what I've been feeling" or "you've put into words (or lack there of) what I have been feeling," and then follow up with a solution. Simply providing the information doesn't work because we all know what doesn't work, whether that be the STAAR test for some or not feeling heard by our administration for others, but what do we do with that information. We're all looking for answers. I want my video to do that for my audience. I was to reel them in with a relatable topic, and then give my proposed solution all while using more emotions and less words. Easy enough? Right?!

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