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Don't make me say it....

It did not take much for me to realize that I am not an innovative educator. That is not said easily, though. I almost dread saying it…I do not want to be "that" person/teacher who isn't giving their students a valuable learning experience. I cringe at the thought of it because I truly want to do better and be better, and I didn't know that I wasn't. I start to think about my fellow colleagues at my school and wonder if they ever sit there and ponder this same thought? Do they even know that they aren't giving their students the best learning experience? I know that's where we come in and we make the change and show them how much of a difference authentic learning can actual make, but this is a retraining of the brain. Had I not applied to the program, I would have went about my life truly thinking I was on the path to having a successful teaching career. I was definitely wrong.

I sensed myself becoming defensive when I was answering the list of questions that Dr. H left for us to reflect over. "Are you creating a learning environment where your students work is meaningful and authentic? If not, why not?" The immediate response in my head was, "Well, I didn't know I wasn't, sheesh!" I took some time to reflect over the question to come up with a better response than that and I think the reason why I am not, is because I do not know how. As I've mentioned before, this isn't something you just go next door and ask your teacher neighbor, BUT it should be!! Right there is the disconnect. Just because I can't go ask someone for the answer, that means I give up? I wouldn't have any of the things I had if I lived by that mentality. I need to take ownership of my own learning, regardless if it's for a grade or not, and remember why it's important to me.

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