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Development vs. Learning

Because there is a difference between learning and doing, this means that we cannot add a learning activity and consider it an upgrade from what we had before. Learning the work and doing the work will always be two different concepts. We can learn by doing, but just because we "do" doesn't mean we are learning. I find this extremely relevant to kindergarten. For example, my team leader comes up with decent station activities for her students. What I have found is they are decent for her as a teacher, not for her students. I feel as if she is making them do, not learn.

This can be translated into professional development and professional learning. Professional development is simply the teacher doing, not learning. Professional learning is the teacher actually learning, it's even in the title. I feel that as teachers we will do what needs to get done, but if asked did we truly learn something from that, now that's an entirely different story.

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