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CSLE + COVA = A New World

I think the COVA learning approach is going to force me to learn in this program. I know that seems like an obvious answer, but when I recall a few previous programs that I have been a part of, that wasn’t the case. I say this often about the teaching program I graduated from. Yes, I received my degree, but when I stepped foot into that classroom, I felt like I had zero preparation for what was about to occur. Now, maybe that’s how teaching is, I truly do not know, but I think with the program using the COVA approach I am gaining knowledge that will be useful for my future to come no matter what career path I may choose.

In all honesty, no the COVA approach does not appeal to me, but I see the purpose and significance of it. I see how different I look at certain situations since I started the program and I know I am more open to failing now because I can see that there will be a chance to learn something. It’s still by no means easy for me, even now that I’ve been exposed to it, but I see the potential it has on changing my life and my students’ lives and for that reason I am invested.

Ownership is the part of COVA that I have had the most challenges with. There’s something about knowing I am in charge of my own learning and success that scares me. I want to be successful. As I stated earlier, I have been through two or three other programs where the goals and assignments were clearly listed and I did them to the best of THE ASSIGNMENT’S ability just so I could make the A. There was zero sense of ownership in that type of setup. There was no learning involved in that. I did what the teacher asked and moved on to the next assignment. Bluntly, I didn’t care whether I learned something or not, as long as I got the A and my GPA was great, that’s what mattered. This program is NOT that. Again, I clearly see the purpose, now, but that behavior I created isn’t changed overnight which is why I think taking ownership of my own progress, success and learning is going to be tough.

I love the video content and I want to incorporate that into my ePortfolio. I’ve mentioned a few times that reading isn’t my thing, but I love the YouTube videos. They get to the point and I’m able to instantly replay or pause to dive into deep thought about something that was discussed. I’m aware that is very possible when reading a book, but the videos capture my attention.

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