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Crossing Published Author off the Bucket List...Soon

I truly do not know what I am going to write about. I feel this is a great thing when I say this though because I have so many different things that I'd like to run with so choosing one is going to be difficult. I'd be interested in writing about the social-emotional side effects of covid in younger children/students, and I'm also interested in the effects of taking grades in Kindergarten. - Education Week - I saw this on another classmate's discussion and I thought it was a really great platform that was worth sharing again. - eLearn Magazine

I am everything Google...except my phone and watch (shh). With this being said, I think Google Doc is a great platform to collaborate in. I think if Apple came up with their version of a Google Doc, I'd be using that faster than I could download the app. I know they have Pages and Keynote, but the real-time update that Google gives isn't comparable right now. Vonn...does Apple have something like this that I've been missing out on?

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