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After reading the COVA book, I sit back and think how our school system is the complete opposite of what the book describes. From being a student myself, to teaching students, I have to say this is the first time I have had the opportunity to have my own choice, voice and ownership in any learning environment. I will admit... it has not come easy. I have been trained. Yes, trained! To seek the "A" or the "100" or the "4.0." Those were my goals my entire educational career! It didn't come easy for me, but I did whatever was needed to obtain those grades. What I didn't obtain was learning. I learned how to please people, and that I am great at. But taking ownership for something all on my own, that I am not. I feel gypped of my life. I want to blame someone, but I know that's the fixed mindset talking. It's too late to dwell on that now, and what matters is what I'm now going to do with this information. How am I going to change my life and put this at the forefront? I think more importantly though, how am I going to change someone else's life with this groundbreaking information?

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