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The Applied Digital Learning Program



Implementation Outline

Annotated Bibliography


Read the proposal I am sending to my administration to begin a Blended Learning initiative that will give my students choice, ownership, and voice while receiving an authentic learning experience in my classroom that will help them become life-long learners. 

Blended Learning is not something that is new to the education realm. If you are curious about the history behind my innovation please read my literature review.

I have developed a timeline that I plan to implement for my initiative. Although this is a rough estimate and life will undoubtedly alter it, I hope to stick to these stages even if the dates may fluctuate.

Being a life-long learner means I am always looking for best and better practices. I have provided an ongoing list of resources I have looked into and will continue to add to. If you have any suggestions, please use the chat box and share them with me. 

To get a visual view of what my innovation plan will look like watch the video I created to share with my organization and others who are interested in joining my team.

Why, How, What

Influencer Strategy

4DX Plan

Crucial Conversations

Start with heart and your audience will see and, more importantly, feel your authenticity. My why, how and what statements will remain what my initiative stays true to through the duration of the implementation.

Who the key players are in my organization will be an important part in how my innovation gets recognized and implemented throughout different grade levels and possibly schools.

Creating a plan that will help my team achieve our wildly important goal will require the four disciplines of executions and the five stages of change. Read our plan and see how we plan to conquer the whirlwind.

Communication is an important part of relationships. This initiative is no different. There will be heated topics and emotions will run high, but using the tools provided here will allow my team and I to become self-differentiated leaders and learners to work through those tough conversations.

Disruptive Innovation
Leading Change
Concepts Ed. Tech

Growth Mindset

Learning Manifesto

Professional Learning Networks


Having a growth mindset isn't as easy as one would think. At an early age we are discouraged of this behavior so retraining the brain from a fixed to a growth mindset requires a daily change that will have to be implemented through the power of one word...yet.

Research and information can be regurgitated time and time again. Reflecting on one's true passions and beliefs is something that is rare now a days. My learning manifesto gives you a glimpse of where my heart truly lies in this ever changing digital world.

Collaboration and teamwork are apart of a teacher's everyday world. We grow together through different communities and networks. If you have any networks that you would like to share, please use the chat box so we can continue growing our educational community and more.

Read through what I experienced this second round of eight week courses. I have gained insight on a growth mindset and how I will encourage my own students to obtain one. I have shared my learning manifesto with the world. Lastly, I am creating my own network of like minded individuals who will help me become the best me.

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